Water Healing Sound

Welcome back to our second Healing Sounds audio lesson.

This lesson is for the water element and that is connected to our kidneys and the bladder within the body.

For this element, we will do both the voiced and the whispered version of the healing sound.

The color associated with the water element is a bright blue.

So as we start practicing both the voiced and the whispered version of the water healing sound, you can picture a bright blue light filling your kidneys, washing out any gray old energy and replacing it with this blue water element energy.

First, we’ll practice our voiced version.

The sound, if we were to say it out as a single word, sounds kind of like tree, but it’s going to start with a chuh sound.

When we do this sound, we want to emphasize the E and feel that sound vibrating in through our body, aiming for our mid to low back, which is where the kidneys are located.

Alright, let’s give that a quick try together, taking a deep breath in.

And on the exhale, chuh…

A reminder when we do the voiced version of these sounds, we’re affecting the organs.

We’re looking at the kidneys and the bladder, wanting to target the endocrine system that’s also connected in this area and encourage purification of this system in our body.

Let’s try one more time.

Inhale and exhale, chuh…


Next, we’ll go into the whispered version.

A reminder that the whispered version of these healing sounds are focusing on the emotions that are associated with each of these elements.

So as we inhale and exhale, doing the whispered sound, we want to focus on removing fears and insecurities that we might be holding on to throughout our body and instead make room for inner peace, tranquility, deep wisdom and inner knowing.

We can have this idea of embodying the water element and taking that with us throughout our day, finding ways to be softer, to go with the flow, and to allow our body to purify itself throughout the day.

The whispered version sounds like chuh chewing or blowing out a candle and we’re really focusing on that.

And so focusing your vision ahead as if you were blowing out a candle.

And that’s the sound we’re going to hold for the whispered version of the kidney.

Inhale in.

And as we exhale,

allowing that to push all the way out, focusing on making room for peace and security and tranquility in your body.

Let’s try that one more time together.


And as we exhale, choo.

Where the metal element is connected more to the skin organ in the body, the water element is connected to the bones.

It’s the opposite side of metal.

Metal is very much on the surface, whereas water flows deep within.

And the sense organs that are connected to the water element are the ears and the auditory system.