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Hi Irene!

Great first session, Irene! I’m excited to see the progress over the next 90-days. 

Here is your 90-day Action Plan:

  1. Lead Generation System
    • Networking
      • Test out elevator pitch and adjust
      • Start registering for more local meet-ups and networking events
      • Set up and use a networking outcomes tracking system to know what’s working, what’s not and how to adjust your overall networking strategy
    • Email List
      • Set up an email list platform (MailerLite is the one I recommend – it’s free up to your first 1000 subscribers, is much more visual and intuitive to use than many others, and the cost as your email list grows is much more affordable than something like MailChimp)
      • Create at least one main opt-in freebie
    • LinkedIn Marketing and Outreach
      • Implement a sustainable LinkedIn marketing strategy
      • Implement a sustainable LinkedIn outreach strategy
      • Implement a sustainable LinkedIn networking strategy
  2. Lead Conversion System
    • Email welcome sequence that builds authority and leads to a sales call
    • Do a series of beta tests for the Content Strategy arm of your business and build your framework and receive testimonials
    • Re-work your Matthew Pollard Sales Stories to resonate more with a logical, tech crowd that will increase your conversions on sales calls
    • Implement your own content marketing strategy that positions you as an authority and expert in the tech startup content marketing space
  3. Self-Talk and Inner Critic Work
    • Create separation from the thoughts and the thinker of your thoughts (the objective version of you)
    • Learn to work with your self-talk and release any thought/experience anchors that are keeping you stuck
    • Reprogram the thought patterns that are sabotaging your efforts 
    • Implement your confidence maintenance plan to keep the changes you’ve made


Your first Action Steps:

  1. Register for a Women Belong online circle event for one of the Edgewater groups and one of the Puget Sound groups. If you’re looking for additional accountability with this, please either use the form above, email me, or message me on Voxer with the dates that you’ve signed up and I’ll follow up with you to see how they went.
  2. Start working through creating space between you and the negative self-talk in your mind.
    • Start by personifying this inner critic within. What do they look like? How do they sound? How do they act? Make them a character that you can visualize and when you start to hear this side of you speaking up, begin to see them as this character.
    • Allow this side of you to say everything it needs to say by writing a letter from this side of you to the objective side of you. I do not recommend you read the letter – tear it up, burn it, throw it away, release it in some way once you’ve written it. I recommend writing it out on paper rather than digital journaling, but the choice is up to you.
    • Write your Inner Critic back, thanking them for keeping you safe, acknowledging what they’ve done so far, and reminding them that they aren’t in charge anymore – you are – and that you can work together,  but they don’t have to worry as much about being the primary protector.
    • Try this meditation to continue to connect to the objective observer within and create more space from the Inner Critic side of you.


Bonus Action:

  1. Watch this video on setting up your LinkedIn Profile to optimize yourself for search and also for when you do the outreach to prospects.


Your next appointment is on July 17th at 10 am your local time. 

Please feel free to reach out via email, Voxer or by using the form above if you have any questions, need additional accountability and support, or are ready for new action steps prior to our next sesion.

Every other week you will have a 30-minute session with Avery where you’ll work through the Recover, Optimize, and Elevate programs.

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