This Week's Focus - Brahmacharya
Right Use of Energy

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Do This First:
Set the intention to use little pockets of time to be still and do something calming (like when you’re waiting in line at a grocery store, or taking a moment before you go into work)

Do This Next:
Browse through this list of over 100 restorative self-care ideas or try a digital self-care package within the app

Do This Last:
After doing this for a few days, check in with your overall stress level and see if you’re noticing a difference.

Questions? Thoughts?

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  1. Shannon Thatcher says:

    I am really excited about this new goal as reflecting over the last weeks I’ve tried very hard and hit an average of about a half of shift at work, which is better than none. I really wanted to keep working on that which I know is no I can, and now through this, it gives me something to do with those thoughts and those times where my mind is moving quickly really excited for this week. Thanks every.

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